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84th Program

An integral part of our presentation at events is to show the life of a British soldier during the American Revolution. Costumed interpreters take visitors back to the eighteenth century military. A camp is set up in authentic manner presenting cooking, weapons maintenance, sewing and anything appropriate to camp life in the 18th Century. Our members present either first-person, in which each reenactor "becomes" a person in the 1700’s, or third person, in which we discuss the American Revolution from a historical perspective. Presentations on clothing styles for both men and women can also be arranged.

Typical events also include a demonstration of the Manual of Arms and Drill for the British Brown Bess Musket as well as a firing demonstration of the musket. No incidents of a hazardous nature have occurred during the 20 year history of the Regimental Association. At some events we present a tactical weapons demonstration, or mock battle. The tactical is so named because most events are not the recreation of a specific battle, rather they are a demonstration of tactics and field maneuvers common to the Revolutionary War period.




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